The extracting tool needed to unzip the files to get to the roster file.

media file
the media file needed for King Javo's editor version 1.1.  Unzip contents of file inside editor's main directory.
All-Pro Editor
The easy to use menu-driven program from Flying Finn that makes editing very simple.

Horizon Rehashing/Resigning Program for Xbox 360 users
The newest version of the program needed to transfer the ROSTER.ROS file back and forth between the Xbox and your computer. You will need a flash drive with at least 2GB or more.

BruteForce Extracting Program for PS3 users
The extracting program needed for those who want to use King Javo's editor for PS3

The Programs You Need To Get Started
Check out some of the tutorial videos below if you need further assistance
All-Time Miami Hurricanes